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Dr. Farbowitz is a fellowship-trained refractive surgeon.  He personally handles all consults, pre-operative evaluations, and the surgery itself, assisted by our dedicated staff and counselors.  He believes that personal care is key in vision-correction surgery.  We offer free vision-correction consults to new and existing patients.  The most common cause of blurry vision is a refractive error. This occurs when the light rays that enter the eye, passing through the cornea and lens, do not focus on the retina. This causes myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) or astigmatism.  Dr. Farbowitz can diagnose and treat these refractive errors with a high degree of precision and accuracy using sophisticated equipment and advanced surgery. Refractive errors can be corrected. The most common method is with prescription glasses and/or contact lenses, which can redirect the light rays to focus onto the retina, eliminating blurry vision.

Laser vision correction is surprisingly affordable. Many insurance and vision plans offer discounts. We gladly accept Care Credit for a flexible financing option. Contact our surgical coordinator or our billing manager for more information!

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For many patients looking to regain their personal freedom and escape the hassles and irritation of glasses and contacts, LASIK might be the answer you’re looking for. This includes those with normal prescriptions or those with severe degrees of nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Customized LASIK, the gold standard in laser vision correction, allows your surgeon to increase the treatment range to include higher-order aberrations and gives you a truly customized procedure for your individual eyes.. LASIK is the most common refractive procedure done worldwide. Dr. Farbowitz uses a laser to create a precision flap of tissue in the cornea. This flap is then folded back on itself to expose the center of the cornea. The laser is then used to reshape the cornea, removing small amounts of tissue. The flap is then replaced over the changed surface, effectively decreasing nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. The flap self seals in a matter of minutes.

In Dr. Farbowitz’s hands, LASIK is:

  • Quick-5-10 minutes per eye
  • Painless– only topical anesthesia (eye drops) and light sedation are needed.
    Rapid visual recovery-most patients feel comfortable enough with their vision to drive or return to work the day after surgery
  • Rapid visual recovery-most patients feel comfortable enough with their vision to drive or return to work the day after surgery
The following video is an actual LASIK surgery preformed by Dr. Farbowitz at the outpatient Ambulatory Surgical Center.
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Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK)

PRK uses the same excimer laser used in LASIK to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. PRK is also known as surface ablation, since the laser treatment is performed close to the surface of the cornea, compared to LASIK, where the treatment is done under a flap of the cornea. The laser removes a small amount of tissue to flatten or steepen the cornea to correct the refractive error of the eye.

LASIK and PRK have similar results. However, after PRK, patients may experience a few days of discomfort and a slightly longer period of visual recovery.

Certain patients, based on the size and shape of their eyes, will be better candidates for PRK instead of LASIK. At your consultation appointment, Dr. Farbowitz will determine which procedure is best for your eyes.

WaveLight® LASIK

Dr. Farbowitz uses the latest LASIK refractive technology – the WaveLight® ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q Laser. What makes WaveLight® refractive technology different is the amount of personalization available, which takes into account a patient’s unique  needs in order to provide superb results. Dr. Farbowitz personally develops a treatment plan that takes into consideration what works best for each individual patient’s eyes, goals, and lifestyle. Patients will find that the WaveLight® system is fast, safe, and precise. Custom wavefront LASIK with the WaveLight® ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q Laser utilizes an active eye-tracking system that enables the laser beam to track patients’ eye movements during LASIK surgery and provide a customized procedure and outcome for each individual patient. This ensures accurate beam placement and provides patients with a more relaxed experience, as eye movement will not affect the procedure. WaveLight® refractive technology also makes it possible for Dr. Farbowitz to correct a larger area of the cornea than is possible using other platforms. This minimizes the glare, halos, and other night vision problems that can occur following LASIK surgery.

For more information on the procedure, contact our Surgical Coordinator at 973-379-2544 ext. 5.

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