Why LASIK is a Great Vision Correction Procedure

Are you considering LASIK? It’s the most popular vision correction procedure for a reason.

Did you know that it only takes a few minutes per eye to complete, and most patients report a significant improvement in their vision after having LASIK? Most patients end up with 20/20 vision or better after undergoing the procedure!

LASIK works because it reshapes the cornea and corrects refractive errors. These include nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Thanks to technological advances, LASIK outcomes are better than ever before! Keep reading to find out why LASIK is a great vision correction procedure!


While every surgical procedure carries some level of risk, LASIK has a low rate of complications with patients that have had it. Developments in technology have allowed LASIK surgeons to deliver more accurate, efficient, and tailored LASIK procedures.

Greater Convenience

One of the top reasons patients choose to have LASIK is the freedom that it gives them. If you’ve always envisioned life without glasses or contacts, LASIK is worth considering.

Once you’ve undergone this incredible vision correction procedure, the frustration of forgetting your glasses at home when you’re at work or not bringing enough contact lenses on a trip will be a thing of the past.

LASIK also eliminates the hassle that comes with always needing to clean smudges off your glasses or needing to remember where you put your glasses when you’re studying or reading. After LASIK, you’ll be able to see whenever you want without anything holding you back.

You can even save money since you’ll no longer need to spend it on your contact lenses or new glasses every year. If you’re looking to make your life more convenient, LASIK is an easy way to do it.

Significant Long-Term Savings

Even though the initial cost of LASIK may seem like a lot, it’s a worthy investment in the long run compared to buying glasses and contacts. Consider this: you won’t need to purchase new glasses, frames, contacts lenses, or contact lens solution once you invest in LASIK.

With LASIK, you’ll no longer incur ongoing expenses that you once had to deal with when you wore contacts and glasses.

Relief from Allergies

Putting in your contacts and taking them off before bedtime every day forces you to touch your eyes with your hands frequently. Unfortunately, hands easily transfer germs, dust, pollen, and other allergens to the eyes.

For this reason, allergies are prevalent for people that wear contact lenses. With LASIK, you can stop wearing contacts for good and get the relief you need from your allergies.

Live the Active Lifestyle You’ve Always Wanted

If you love leading an active lifestyle, you know that wearing contacts and glasses can limit you. Even when you’re used to having your glasses on at the gym, dancing, or playing sports, the frequent adjustments and constantly worrying about knocking them off can be tedious, not to mention distracting.

LASIK allows you to enjoy the great outdoors and your favorite pastimes without limitations.

See Clearly with LASIK

Picture a world where you can see, no matter what you’re doing. That’s what you get with LASIK.

At Short Hills Ophthalmology, Dr. Farbowitz assesses each patient with the utmost care and only recommends LASIK to those that are qualified. We use only the most advanced techniques and technologies that enable faster and more precise procedures with minimal downtime during recovery.

Want to find out if you’re a good candidate for LASIK? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Short Hills Ophthalmology in Short Hills or Clifton, NJ, today!

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